SAM Fair is an independent contemporary art fair designed to support the local art scene. And it occupies an area of 1600 m2, where hundreds of Russian artists present their works, including established and emerging artists. Collectors and art lovers can meet the artists and buy original artworks from 500 to 50,000 rubles per piece (~ 7-670 euro).

Unlike traditional art fairs, SAM FAIR is devoid of any pathos and focuses on promoting young artists, collectors and developing an affordable art market. The project is supported by the eminent Russian artists, putting up works for sale in the declared price field. The curator of the show is Lizaveta Matveeva, manager of the CEC ArtsLink Back Apartment Residency Program, creator of exhibition projects in Zurich and New York.

SAM FAIR will be held for the third time on October 5 and 6 at the St. Petersburg Museum of Street Art. Over 130 Russian artists will take part in it. In addition to numerous participants from Moscow and St. Petersburg, artists from Chelyabinsk, Veliky Novgorod, Astrakhan, Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad, Essentuki, Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Veliky, Nizhny Novgorod, the Omsk Region and Smolensk will come to sell their works too.

The full list of participants:

Vladimir Abikh (St. Petersburg), Nadezhda Albul (St. Petersburg), Andrey Andreev (St. Petersburg), Anna Andrzhievskaya (St. Petersburg), Anna Afonina (St. Petersburg), Stas Bugs (St. Petersburg), Igor Baranov (St. Petersburg), Vladislav Bakhvalov (St. Petersburg), Konstantin Benkovich (St. Petersburg), Alexander Biruk (St. Petersburg), Nikolai Vasiliev (St. Petersburg), Kristina Valenkova (St. Petersburg), Anton Vlasov (St. Petersburg), Ekaterina Vondel (Moscow), Alexandra Gart (St. Petersburg), Ekaterina Gerasimenko (Moscow), Andrey Gorbunov (St. Petersburg), Alisa Gorelova (St. Petersburg), Grecht (St. Petersburg), Evgeny Gurov (St. Petersburg), Mikhail Gulin (St. Petersburg), Alexander Gushchin (Moscow), Ekaterina Granova (St. Petersburg) ), Vladimir Grig (St. Petersburg), Vladimir Dubossarsky (Moscow), Leta Dobrovolskaya (Moscow), Serge Lis Eliseev (St. Petersburg), Andrey Efimov (Yaroslavl), Alexey Zhuchkov (Moscow), Elizaveta Zemskova (Chelyabinsk), Dmitry Zimin (Smolensk), Anna Zimina (Smolensk), Vladimir Zaitsev (St. Petersburg), Maxim Ima (St. Petersburg), Veronika Ivashkevich (S St. Petersburg), Diana Kondrashina (Astrakhan), Lyudmila Konstantinova (Moscow), Eduard Kulemin (Smolensk), Ivan Kelarev (Rostov the Great), Irina Korina (Moscow), Alina Kugusheva (St. Petersburg), Sergey Karev (St. Petersburg), Nadezhda Kosinskaya (St. Petersburg), Denis Kovalchuk (St. Petersburg), Anton Kupriyanov (Tara, Omsk Region), Pavlik Lemtybozh (St. Petersburg), Lo Si (St. Petersburg), Ekaterina Lyubavskaya (Moscow), Ekaterina Muromtseva (Moscow), Dmitry Mironov (Moscow), Samuill Marshak (St. Petersburg), Wilgeny Melnikov (St. Petersburg), Anna Martynenko (St. Petersburg), Svetlana Mamontova (Moscow), Alexandra Nesterkina (Moscow), Konstantin Novikov (St. Petersburg), Andrey Novikov (Essentuki), Sveta Nosova (St. Petersburg), Vyacheslav Nesterov (Moscow), Anastasia Okulova-Zhikhartseva (St. Petersburg), Gosha Ostretsov (Moscow), Vladimir Otreshko (St. Petersburg), Igor Ponosov (Moscow), Slava Ptrk (Moscow), Ulyana Podkorytova (Moscow), Alexander Petreli (Coat gallery) (Moscow), PASHA 183 (Moscow), Victoria Poviraeva (Victoria Bodrova) (St. Petersburg), Pavel Pletnev (St. Petersburg), Denis Patrakeev (St. Petersburg), Ulyana Pucheglazova (Rostov-on-Don), Denis Rusakov (Tara, Omsk Region), Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva (St. Petersburg), Konstantin Reshetnikov (St. Petersburg), Natalia Spechinskaya (St. Petersburg ), Maxim Savva (St. Petersburg), Sergey Savelyev (St. Petersburg - Berlin), Vladimir Smirnov-Lilo (Vova Lilo) (St. Petersburg), Alena Smolina (St. Petersburg), Anastasia Sasova (St. Petersburg), Alexey Sergeev (Moscow), Marina Stakhieva (St. Petersburg), Ivan Simonov (Moscow), Vera Svetlova (St. Petersburg), Evgenia Strygina (Moskva), Andrey Syalev (Moscow), Ekaterina Tishkevich (St. Petersburg), Ivan Tuzov (St. Petersburg), Alena Tereshko (St. Petersburg), Alexander Terebenin (St. Petersburg), Konstantin Uzhve (St. Petersburg), Lada Uchaeva (St. Petersburg), Galina Fadeeva (St. Petersburg), Fedor Hiroshige (St. Petersburg), Natalia Khabarova (St. Petersburg), Ivan Chemakin (St. Petersburg), Alexey Chizhov (St. Petersburg), Anna Chugunova (Moscow), Eva Shorina (St. Petersburg), Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai (St. Petersburg), Anton Shulgin (St. Petersburg), Mikhail Yushchenko (Great No Novgorod), Alexey Yakovlev (Kaliningrad), Igor Multi (Moscow-Helsinki), Ztwins (St. Petersburg), Oleg Maslov, Andrei Svibovich (St. Petersburg), Lena Filaretova, Marshani, Margarita Baranova (St. Petersburg), Anastasia Motina (Moscow), VPI (St. Petersburg), George Khazankin / Vera Trofimova (St. Petersburg), Kirill Koteshov (St. Petersburg), Roman Tugay (St. Petersburg).

Associations/group applications

Pig Snout Gallery (Art Sect of Witch Artists “KOLHUi”),
Nadezhda Frolova and Julia Belova (St. Petersburg),
EliKuka (Moscow),
“Unknown Gallery”: Nazarova Daria, Dutka Karolina, Sidorenko Valentin, Matevosyan Lilit, Kozhevnikova Varya, Romanenko Max (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi),
FUTURO: Ivan Sery, Maxim Trulov, Ksyusha Swallow (Nizhny Novgorod),
Kerim Ragimov and Pyotr Shvetsov (St. Petersburg),
Photo Department (St. Petersburg),
Party of the Dead: Maria Nikolaeva and Maxim Evstropov (St. Petersburg),
Children of Pavlovsk (St. Petersburg),
Ivan Novikov and Alexander Gorelikov, Svetlana Isaeva, Ekaterina Lupanova, Ksenia Kudrina (Moscow)
Olga Tobreluts and Irina Annina (St. Petersburg).

Special performative projects: Gosha Ostretsov and Oleg Kotelnikov (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Dagnini (Moscow)

The organizers are interested in the personal acquaintance of artists with buyers, gallery owners and collectors and in the development of long term relationships, therefore they do not charge participants for participation, as well as provide accommodation for nonresident artists. The organizers only charge a percentage from artists in case of sales.

In addition to emerging artists, the fair will be attended by popular Russian artists such as Olga Tobreluts, whose paintings are in the collections of the New York MoMA, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum; Irina Korina, an author of unforgettable installations, participant of the Venice Biennale main project in 2017; as well as Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, the participant of this year’s Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, etc. Special performative projects will be carried out by Pavel Pepperstein, Dagnini, Gosha Ostretsov and Oleg Kotelnikov.

The special programme includes theatre shows, discussions, an auction, and performances within two days. Visitors will have access to art consulting and mediation services. A catalogue will be released.

Fair address: St. Petersburg, shosse Revolutsii 84A, the territory of the Street Art Museum.

Dates of the fair: October 5 and 6, 2019 from 12:00 to 20:00 Preview on 4th of October

Ticket price: 400 rubles

Fair Director - Tatyana Pinchuk
Curator - Lizaveta Matveeva

PR - Nastassia Piletckaia +79299005573

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